We bring our customers new products and ideas so that their own businesses can flourish.

We nurture our unique relationships with animal health professionals and strive to make them stronger…

We have an absolute commitment to the safety and effectiveness of our products.

Vaccinate for Life

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Leadership is more than just a matter of higher sales. Over time, MSD Animal Health has produced a remarkable series of high quality vaccines, which made a real difference to the health and well being of pets. Nobivac vaccines conform the hest standard of efficacy and safety and are recommended by key opinion leader worldwide.


About MSD Animal Health

MSD Animal Health, a division of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA, offers one of the industry’s most innovative portfolios, not only of products, but also of services and technologies, to prevent, treat and control diseases across all major farm and companion animal species. We maintain commercial offices in more than 50 countries and business operations in more than 150 markets and run a global network of manufacturing and R&D facilities.

Our mission – The Science of Healthier Animals – guides all of our work. Healthier animals mean a sustainable food supply, protection for humans against diseases passed from animals, and longer, healthier lives for pets. We understand that veterinary surgeons, farmers and pet owners face challenges that are wider, more complex and evolving faster than ever, not least being how animal health connects with our own. We are committed to providing the products, technologies, services and insights to help meet their needs.

Global trade, migration and climate change can increase the spread of highly infectious diseases that devastate animal populations, threaten human health, and disrupt the food supply. We know that only a fast and flexible approach will control the spread of disease and protect our communities and food supplies.

At MSD Animal Health, we are committed to tackling the world’s biggest animal health challenges and collaborating with our customers to answer their specific needs.

Our robust R&D pipeline spans key therapeutic areas, providing a solid platform for further pharmaceutical and vaccine advances in veterinary medicine. Still, our customers expect more from us than just medicines. As a multi-species global company, we respond readily to the demands of our dynamic industry, working in close collaboration with our customers to deliver the information, technologies and veterinary services to meet their needs around the world. We further drive the pace of scientific innovation by combining our in-house expertise with an active business development and in-licensing program.


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Original, time tested and most effective ectoparasiticide

Optimal Reproductive Potential

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MSD Animal Health, the expert in reproduction management, brings to veterinary practitioners a comprehensive range of products for use in the management of oestrus, planned breeding, treatment of ovarian disorders and uterine problems in cattle.

More potent, more reliable.